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Travis Baker
Andersen Construction

Jon Orrell
EC Electric

Beccy Beers-Bennett
City of Gresham


Brian Clarke

Carol Duncan
General Sheet Metal

Tony Howard
Hoffman Construction

Mike Kirschman
Schnitzer Steel

Sgt. Troy Pahlke
Portland Police Bureau

Tamera Yocom
W.E. Given Contracting

Lauri Rollings

Todd Duwe
Perlo Construction


Jason Oliver 


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Member Services

Hotline and Rewards Program:

cicp-sign-4x4CICP provides a 24/7 hotline and reward program  making it easy to report suspicious activity on jobsites and at yards and facilities.

Reward signs are a first line defense against thieves. These large and colorful signs engage workers on the site, are visible to people driving by and businesses in the area.  They announce that criminal activity is not acceptable on this jobsite.


Alert System:

alert massiveCICP distributes  ALERTs to CICP members and law enforcement officials throughout the Pacific Northwest region.  ALERT’s provide information about losses and/or recoveries. The ALERTs also provide information about how thieves are getting onto jobsites, what items they are taking, and specific steps that contractors can implement to make their jobsites less vulnerable to criminal activity. Nearly 1000 people regularly receive CICP ALERTs. - this is a substantial number watching out for stolen property.  The ALERT system is also used to notify scrap metal recyclers about metal thefts. Law enforcement officers often use the system to distribute information about recovered items when the owner is not known.

Click here for sample alert

Jobsite, Shop and Yard Security Surveys:

fenceCICP staff will come to your jobsite or equipment yard to conduct a jobsite walkthrough or security survey.. We will help identify areas that make your jobsite vulnerable to theft and make suggestions to make your site more secure. We coordinate with local law enforcement and often they accompany us on those visits. Jobsite security forms are available to CICP members if you would like to conduct your own survey.

CICP is a Liaison to Law Enforcement:

alert 2CICP helps facilitate jobsite crime prevention planning meetings with local law enforcement jurisdictions before and during a project. CICP also  offers assistance to law enforcement when identifying equipment, serial numbers and facilitating sensitive suspect information between property crime detectives in different jurisdictions.  Law enforcement can access CICP  24/7 to get contact information for our members  when they may be holding suspects or when there is  suspicious or unusual activity on the jobsite. 

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Theft Prevention Education and Training:

theftCICP provides members theft prevention education and training at supervisor, toolbox, or company meetings. CICP staff also offers specialized training sessions and presentations at conferences and other special events.  Contact the CICP office to schedule a training session.

Posters, Signs, and Decals:

cicp-full-signReward and No Trespassing signs as well as hard hat and tool box stickers are available for a small charge. These signs are your first line of defense and inform people living, working or driving by the jobsite that you are serious about preventing theft.

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Law Enforcement Partners

Partners in Crime Preventionprotocol

Since 1996, law enforcement agencies have been important partners in our work to reduce construction industry crimes. CICP's partnerships with law enforcement have resulted in contractors taking a more active role in preventing theft on their jobsites. When thefts do occur, CICP contractors actively participate in prosecutions. Law enforcement agencies are a critical link in this process.

CICP, OSP and the Portland Police Bureau have partnered to develop the Protocols for Selling Stolen Metals card for patrol officers and others investigating cases involving the selling of stolen metals. These laminated cards are available to patrol officers and deputies at no cost. To order these cards, contact the Karen Blythe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CICP can help with:

Stolen Property:

CICP prepares and distributes ALERTS with photos and descriptions of stolen items to contractors, law enforcement, pawnshops and scrap metal recyclers. Click here to sign up to receive CICP alerts.

Recovered Property

We assist law enforcement in locating owners of recovered property by:

  • Distributing information throughout our network.
  • Providing a knowledgeable contractor to help identify what has been recovered.
  • Assisting in locating serial numbers (often the visible ones are removed; most equipment has hidden numbers).
  • Facilitating sensitive suspect information between property crimes detectives in different jurisdictions.


  • training 2We draw on law enforcement expertise to provide contractors with current crime prevention training.
  • We visit job sites to help contractors and workers learn how to secure valuable items.
  • We provide workplace signs that inform employees and visitors about reducing property crimes.
  • We facilitate preplanning between contractors and law enforcement to prevent crimes before construction begins
  • We formed a partnership with NER (National Equipment Register) to provide law enforcement specialized training regarding heavy equipment theft.
  • We present crime prevention education at law enforcement conferences.
  • We recognize the CICP law enforcement partnership at our annual awards luncheon.


Join your law enforcement colleagues who have discovered that the CICP Network broadens their ability to prevent property crimes. Law Enforcement Agencies can join the CICP Network free of charge. Just call 503-618-8871 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..








CICP works to keep members informed about crime trends, activities  and laws related to theft and vandalism.  CICP offers educational workshops and seminars to help contractors strengthen their prevention activities.  Officials from District Attorney offices as well as law enforcement officials from a variety of city, county and state law enforcement agencies have provide valuable training and education to contractors.

Heavy Equipment Theft

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the National Equipment Register (NER) partner with CICP to help prevent heavy equipment theft.  NICB and NER provide CICP members education and training about strategies contractors can implement, prior to a theft, to help law enforcement recover stolen heavy equipment. And CICP works with NICB and NER to provide training and education to law enforcement about recovering heavy equipment.

Metal Theft

CICP partners with scrap metal recyclers to help reduce metal theft.  Workshops about metal theft laws and steps contractors can take to prevent their metal from being stolen have been important and popular sessions.

CICP Works!

Since 1996, over $16,000,000 in losses have been reported. CICP has helped recover over $5,300,000.


Jason Oliver
Executive Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.