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Awards Luncheon

22nd Annual Awards luncheon

Our 22nd Annual Awards Luncheon was held on February 22nd, 2018 at the Multnomah Athletic Club.


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Law Enforcement Awards

The Law Enforcement Award is given to law enforcement official(s) who have worked directly with CICP member(s) and/or CICP staff to aid in the prevention, recovery, arrest, or process of impacting theft and/or vandalism on construction jobsites.

Law Enforcement Award Winners:

Det. Brian Assmus, Trooper Tom Willis, Sr. Trooper Mark Moore, Trooper Kevin Zwijacz and Sr. Trooper Curtis Weaver, Oregon State Police

Special Agent Chip Mican, Bureau of Land Management

Law Enforcement Partner Awards

The Law Enforcement Partner Award is given to an officer, police department, unit, or agency that has been instrumental in creating a partnership between CICP members and law enforcement and promoting collaboration in the prevention of construction industry theft or the recovery of tools and/or equipment.

Law Enforcement Partner Award Winners:

Tony Cereghino, Det. Larry Giddings, Det. Sgt. Tom Broomfield, Milwaukie Police Department

Crime Analyst Jaycee Elliott, Vancouver Police Department

Officer James Fleming, Officer David Staab, Portland Police Bureau 

Padlock Award

The Padlock Award is given to a member, company, or group that has demonstrated courage, ingenuity, or foresight in the prevention of crime in the construction industry.

Padlock Award Award Winners:

Adam Bonner, Hoffman Construction

CICP Works!

Since 1996, over $16,000,000 in losses have been reported. CICP has helped recover over $5,300,000.


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