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Awards Luncheon

21th Annual Awards luncheon

February 22, 2017

Keynote Speaker

Our 2017 Keynote Speaker Chief Jason Wallis, Port of Portland



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Law Enforcement Awards

The Law Enforcement Award is given to law enforcement official(s) who have worked directly with CICP member(s) and/or CICP staff to aid in the prevention, recovery, arrest, or process of impacting theft and/or vandalism on construction jobsites.

2017 Law Enforcement Award Winners:

Detective Travis Fields – Portland Police Bureau

Detective Andrew Griggs – Portland Police Bureau


Patrol Sgt. Jeff Charpilloz – Mt. Angel Police Department

Detective Sgt. Jesse Ashby – Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

Detective Gil Millett – Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Greg Ramseyer – Marion County Sheriff’s Office


Detective Christopher Dale – Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Corporal Al Schermerhorn – Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Rick Fontaine – Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Joshua Gordon – Benton County Sherriff’s Office

Detective Eric Glass – Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Eric McLaughlin – Oregon Construction Contractors Board

Virgil Shamblin – ODOT

Law Enforcement Partner Award

The Law Enforcement Partner Award is given to law enforcement officials who worked together with CICP member(s) and/or CICP staff to aid in the prevention or recovery of construction tools, equipment or material.

2017 Law Enforcement Partner Award Winner:

Patricia Neet, Corvallis Police Department

Partnership Award

The Partnership Award is given to members, organizations, vendors, or agencies that have developed or contributed to a special event, activity, or project to promote crime prevention.

Padlock Award

The Padlock Award is given to a member, company, or group that has demonstrated courage, ingenuity, or foresight in the prevention of crime in the construction industry.

2017 Padlock Award Award Winner:

Wildish Standard Paving

2017 Award Winners Gallery

CICP Works!

Since 1996, over $16,000,000 in losses have been reported. CICP has helped recover over $5,300,000.


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