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A cornerstone of the CICP Program is our ability to forecast and respond to crime prevention trends in the construction industry. When our team or partners discover new issues (such as an increase in metal thefts) we gather the right combination of people and information to address the concern and seek prevention solutions. One effective method is the use of our rapid-response customized training. Training sessions allow us to group participants by industry, interest, trade or issue to learn from experts and each other. We are able to provide the latest data and strategies so that participants can respond quickly to the specific issue when they return to the worksite. Our goal is to prevent costly losses by responding to the concerns of the industry.

CICP offers customized training to its member contractors, law enforcement partners, industry associates and community members. We have several trainings readily available and can customize these and others to your specific needs.

In addition to these trainings, CICP has formed a partnership with the National Equipment Register (NER) to better serve members using heavy equipment on their jobsites. The result of this collaboration is a better understanding of the methods for marking, registering and identifying larger equipment items. Now, CICP and NER can work together to provide members and law enforcement with the steps to use PIN, VIN, and serial numbers in equipment identification, provide access to track stolen or recovered heavy equipment, and to link owners and law enforcement through a unified system.

To find out more about a specific training or to request training, contact the CICP office at 503-618-8871.

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Since 1996, over $16,000,000 in losses have been reported. CICP has helped recover over $5,300,000.


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Executive Director
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